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I’m having the time of my life getting ready for the concert with the Vintage King’s Heralds and the 2011 King’s Heralds quartets in Pheonix on April 9th. Here’s a placeholder list of a few of the songs I’ll play that evening; Majesty!, Be Still My Soul (Finlandia), I worship You Almighty God (There is None Like You),  Amazing Grace, Into My Heart/Now I belong to Jesus, Edelweiss/Beautiful Garden of Prayer/In the Garden…

Offeratory and special music will include the upbeat Bless the Lord, O My Soul and the perennial favorite Great is Thy Faithfulness/How Great Thou Art. Do you have other suggested favorites?

I’m working on a song to accompany the King’s Heralds on a new album, the song is I know where I’m Going.  I’m working to give fresh meaning and new life to this classic treasure.  I think you’ll appreciate the lyrics: 

I know where I’m going, and I know who’s going with me
I know why there’s music in the quiet somber morning
I found a wealth of gold and silver have I plenty
I found a light to guide me when my way gets dark and stormy

I ask you now; “Where are you going?”
I ask again; “Who will walk beside you?”
I ask you when… “When the night is gloomy
Where is the light to guide you?”

And, where’s your gold and silver brightly shining?
Who writes the music in the quiet somber morning?

Where are you going…?


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  1. Rick says:

    Loretta Linden is a delightful Christian who works at the office of Erling and Associates. Bob Erling is our Certified Financial Planner and a valued friend. Loretta recently emailed me some wonderful comments and I want to share them with you.

    “Hello Rick, Bob was showing us your latest CD and so I asked him if I could listen to it here at work. What a truly gifted pianist you are. I really appreciated all of your music. My personal favorites were Great is Thy Faithfulness/How Great Thou Art and Just As I Am/Close to Thee/Fill My Cup, Lord and Reprise.

    Your music blessed many hours of my da today (I’m listening to it still). What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it with us. In Him, Loretta”

    Thank you, thank you Loretta! How Great He is!

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