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♪ King’s Heralds CD project underway!

I’ve been working on a new project with the King’s Heralds quartet.  Russ Hospedales, their extraordinary baritone, is their gifted music arranger.  Russ sends me an electronic link to songs he wants to include on the project. I listen to them, determine the key(s) they’re in and craft a piano arrangement.  I then record the arrangement with engineer Jeff Dykhouse on either the Steinway or the Bechstein and send it to Russ.  Russ designs the vocal arrangements for the King’s Heralds to record over the piano tracks.  It’s quite a process!

So far, I have recorded four songs, including “I Know Where I’m Going” a gorgeous scottish ballad with a wonderful message.  The words are in a previous post, below.  This was originally arranged by Wayne Hooper in 1970.  I modified the piano arrangement and Russ will  shape the vocal arrangement.  I can’t wait to hear the new arrangement with the rich tones that only the King’s Heralds’ voices can deliver.

I also recorded “Teach Us to Pray.”  This is a lush melody with a  poinant message.  “Teach us to Pray, Teach us to Pray.  We are your children; help us know just what to say.  Teach us to worship, love and adore Thee with your understandin, Teach us, Lord teach us to pray.”   It’s a beautiful piece of music that I believe will touch hearts.  I am Glad Russ included it.

I also recorded my own arrangement of “My Jesus, I Love Thee / Oh How He Loves You and Me.”  This was my selection for the guys.  It opens with arpeggios which weave around the vocals; “My Jesus I love Thee, I know Thou Art Mine; for Thee all the follies of sin I resign; my gracious Redeemer, my Savior art Thou, If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.”   We transition to a new key for the verse “I love Thee in life; I will love Thee in death…”  After that verse, we transition again to a fresh key for “Oh how He loves you and me!  Oh how He loves you and me!  He gave His life, what more could he give?  Oh how He loves you!  Oh how He loves me!  Oh how He Loves you and me!”  And we move to the final key for “In mansions of Glory and endless delight…”  I play some lush chords with an arpeggio up to the ending which repeats to fade for featured vocals.  Can’t wait to hear warmth and unmatched harmonies of the King’s Heralds on this arrangement. 

Finally, I recorded the vintage favorite,”Yes, He Did!”  “He took my feet from the miry clay; Yes He did!  Oh Yes He did!  And He placed them on the rock to stay, Yes He did!  Oh yes He did!” 
Finally, in October, I’ll be recording “Since I have been Redeemed”. I hope the result is a blessing to all who hear it. Stay tuned! 🙂

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23 Responses to King’s Heralds CD project underway!

  1. Larry says:

    when will the album be out for sale?

    • Rick says:

      Hi Larry,
      That is not tightly defined. My best guess is sometime late in 2012. I’m working on the second set of four sets of songs now. They each song has to be arranged for their voices, rehearsed, and recorded. That’s before the production and release of the CD – so, it’s quite a process.

      I’ll be certain to announce the release on my website and in a PIANOLatte newsletter. Thanks for your interest. We’re having a wonderful time putting this music together and I hope it will touch your heart.

  2. nathi says:

    hey Rick

    i just want to know the style of the project,is it southern gospel or what?

    Thank you

    • Rick says:

      It is not southern gospel, the King’s Heralds have a recent southern gospel album. Rather, it is a collection of upbeat and traditional songs with a fresh interpretation. We’re having fun and we hope it will be meaningful and enjoyable!


  3. Larry says:

    Thanks for your response Rick.

    I was just asking because Joel Borg (2nd Tenor) did say that the project was complete and that it should be released sometime soon this year. To be accurate, he said in August 2011. But maybe its another album. Is this the “Wake Up Church” production you talking of, or is it another project. Because you mentioned that its not a southern gospel album and I heard that it is southern gospel.
    Could you also list me the songs on the album? that would be great!!!


    • Rick Stier says:

      Hi Larry,
      Yes. The “Wake Up Church” album is done and will be released VERY soon.
      We’re working on another project. The songs we’re working on are discussed at length above in my July 9 post. Hope we’re including some you will love!


  4. Larry says:


    This is great. I am excited and cannot wait to hear these new productions. sounds very nice. so most of the songs will be with accompaniment (my favorite)? Please continue to keep us posted on anything new.

    God bless

  5. Larry says:

    Are you working on the Hymnsessions II project?

    • Rick Stier says:

      Hi Larry,,
      We haven’t had that conversation to finalize a name at this point, but that would work well… 🙂

      Have a great day,


  6. Malolo Tibini says:

    Hi Rick

    Firstly I would like to say thank you for keeping us updated on the developments of the King’s Herald music.

    This is truly exciting times, i mean after the vocal arrangements of Hymnsessions and the real southern sound of I Just Can’t Wait, one can only wonder what ‘Wake Up Church’ brings. (super Amped)

    Keep us posted please. 🙂

  7. Rick says:

    Hi Malolo,
    You’re welcome. They are terrific individuals as well as amazing Christian musicians!
    I enjoy working with them – they’re the BEST!

    In the meantime, why not check out some of my music so you have some new tunes while we’re putting the King’s Herald’s project together?

    To sample your favorite songs, just go to the main menu and click on “Notes to Nourish the Soul” or “A Place of Quiet Rest” and scroll down to Samples. Click on the selection(s) you want to hear. It’s that simple!

    All the best. I’ll post updates!


  8. Larry says:

    I have just gone through the Samples,

    and wow, wow, wow!!!!!!

    I wish i could have your album!!!!

    Great stuff!

    • Rick Stier says:

      Hi Larry,

      Terrific! Glad you like the music.

      You can! On the menu, just click on “Order CD’s.” It’s secure and easy.
      If you do, I’ll be pleased to sign them for you personally!

      Have a great weekend,


  9. Gerhard Van Deventer says:

    Hi Rick

    I am not sure if you are aware I am busy remastering old king’s heralds albums for Donnie Scroggs. The tracks you mentioned on the above reording was done by the king’s in 1977. Would you like me to send you a copy?

    Let me know



    • Rick says:

      Hi Gerhard,

      Thank you for letting me know, and thanks for the offer. That would be great. What would be particularly helpful, if you have access to it is the music for those songs. I’ll send you my home address.

      Thanks Gerhard,


  10. Larry says:

    Hi Gerhard,

    What do you mean by remastering? Are they going to sing some of their old songs with a little bit of new rendition?

  11. Ann says:

    Can you give me more information about the Nov. concert at Loma Linda?

    • Rick says:

      Hi Ann,
      It is not looking as promising as we hoped. I haven’t received an official word yet, but efforts to secure the date have not yet resulted in a confirmation.

      Warmest regards,

  12. Nathi says:

    Hey Rick this is nathi from south africa do you have samples for the wake up church
    album.or maybe if you know where to buy the album online because at cdbaby its not yet posted.and in their website there is no option to download the cd.

    • Rick Stier says:

      Hi Nathi,
      I would just check their website. You may have to order it an have it shipped.
      Not certain…
      Good luck!


  13. Larry says:

    Hey Rick,

    Are the King’s Heralds done with the album “Time’s Windin Up” is this the album you were busy with?

    • Rick says:

      Hi Larry,

      The album is in process. Don’t know what the final title will be.
      I’ll be appearing with them at a concert tonight and tomorrow night – I’ll be on the piano and they’ll be singing their magic!

      All the best,

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