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♪ A Place of Quiet Rest

It’s a pleasure to introduce PIANOLatte: A Place of Quiet Rest.  There is a place of quiet rest, near to the heart of God.  This project has been a labor of love and prayer. Marla and I prayed with recording engineer Jeff Dykhouse before each recording session and I prayed over each song during the recording process.  I hope these fresh interpretations of cherished hymns will nourish your soul with God’s overwhelming love and matchless grace, and bring you closer to His heart.

The album theme is A Quiet Place paired with (there is a place of quiet rest) Near to the Heart of God.  Also included are Be Still My Soul (Finlandia), Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, and Great if Thy Faithfulness matched with the often requested How Great Thou Art.   The treasured classic It is Well with My Soul is uniquely paried with Schumann’s Opus 15 Scenes from Childhood/Traumerei (Dreaming).  I hope this fresh interpretation will touch your heart.   Edelweiss (from The Sound of Music) joins The Beautiful Garden of Prayer and In the Garden.

I’ve also included my Salute to America which features This is My Country, God Bless America, and Battle Hymn of the Republic.  The Tribute to Dad selection is Whisper a Prayer with The Prayer PerfectThe Prayer Perfect was Dad’s song.  His sweet tenor melody seemed so special and so meaningful as he as he whispered those words; “Dear Lord, kind Lord, gracious Lord I pray…”

This CD provides over an hour of music with fourteen tracks featuring twenty-six songs. It was recorded on two extraordinary pianos – my “babies”. I hope you agree that this album captures the warmth, richness, and limitless depth on Steinway and the detail, power, and pristine clarity of the C. Bechstein.  The CD opens wiht the popular and moving theme of A Quiet Place on Steinway; “There is a quiet place, far from the rapid pace where God can soothe my troubled mind…” This song is reprised as the final cut played on Bechstein.  Take a listen to see which piano you prefer!

“Pure Piano! Rick Stier’s new recording; A Place of Quiet Rest features over an hour of amazing selections. Besides prodigious technique and broad understanding of keyboard mastery, what stands out is Rick’s unique approach to harmony and arranging. You’ll hear beloved melodies from over the years, for sure, including touches from the classics. The most special part for me is the spectacular way Rick uses the expresive potential of the piano to the fullest extent. There are wonderful musical serendipities around every corner. Rick’s new release is absolute Pure Piano!” Dr. Calvin Taylor, Recording Artist and Music Publisher

Thank you sincerely Calvin. I am humbled and honored by comments from such an extraordinary pianist and accomplished musician! Check out Calvin’s prodigious achievements at his Website: http://www.calvintaylormusic.org

Additional Artist Reviews

“Rick! You really put that Steinway and Bechstein to work!  The qualities of those wonderful instruments come through with clarity and power! You have included some very special elements that illustrate your imagination and inventiveness and I especially enjoyed your altered chords and the use of the entire keyboard. I have eagerly awaited your latest album of work and sincerely hope it isn’t your last!”Gordon deLeon

Gordon deLeon is a talented and incredibly gifted Christian pianist.  Albums featuring his piano artistry include The Way, His Matchless Grace (my personal favorite!), Solitude and When I Fall in Love.

Gordon is one of my muscial mentors.  His arrangement and recording of “Overshadowed” inspired the inclusion of that classic melody in A Place of Quiet Rest.  

“Rick, many of your chord progressions are similar to the “way I think and process progressions” and it is evident that great minds think alike. All kidding aside, you have a superb talent and I am enjoying hearing your CD. I do like the song “A Quiet Place” very much and have enjoyed it for many years. Ralph Carmichael is a personal friend and your rendition of his song is very fitting of his lyrics and melody. God Bless you, Rick!” Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is an incredibly gifted pianist and recording artist.  His album “My Tribute” has two sections; exaltation and songs from the Heart.  I particularly love his interpretation of “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus.”  His music includes both power and sensitivity.  I’m honored to have these warm comments from Dave.


Thank you for your amazing feedback!

“I have listened to your beautiful music often since it has arrived.  The title of your CD is perfect.  One can go to a place of quiet rest when listening to it.  Thank you for sharing your amazing gift God has given you with others.” – Betty, Mississippi

“It’s better than I ever thought it could be.  My favorite is the “It is Well/Traumerei” piece.  The story behind “It is Well” is so moving and Traumerie is what plays in the music box my dad bought me when I turned 5 and still have.  It has a little ballerina that turns around as it plays.  What a great combination of the two pieces.” Sondra, California

“I’m listening again to your beautiful CD.  I love track 8 (Salute to America), and track 10 (Edelweiss/The Beautiful Garden of Prayer/In The Garden).  In the Garden was my sister’s favorite song ever and I love track 11: Great is They Faithfulness / How Great Thou Art.” – Marsha, California

“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!  I thought the second piano (Bechstein) sounded “brighter” and with a faster action. The music was beautiful.  My husband and I listened to it over the weekend and it was incredibly heart-warming.” – Janet, Illinois


Engineer Jeff Dykhouse has prepared audio clips so you can sample A Place of Quiet Rest.

1: A Quiet Place / Near to the Heart of God

2: Be Still My Soul (Finlandia)

3: Turn Your Eyes / Jesus Led Me All The Way

4: It Is Well / Schumann Opus 15

5: Nearer, Still Nearer

6: Overshadowed

7: Does Jesus Care / There’s Room at the Cross

8: Salute to America

9: Tribute to Dad: Whisper a Prayer / Prayer Perfect

10: Edelweiss / Beautiful Garden of Prayer / In The Garden

11: Great Is Thy Faithfulness / How Great Thou Art

12: Just As I Am / Close To Thee / Fill My Cup, Lord

13: Into My Heart / Now I Belong To Jesus

14: Reprise / A Quiet Place

6 Responses to A Place of Quiet Rest

  1. Gordon de Leon says:

    Rick: Donna and I just returned from a little cruise on Norwegian and we are visiting our son, Cam, and his family in Pasadena. I wasn’t able to download your Quiet Place rendition on his mac. When I get home I’ll see if I can get it there and I would be honored to send along my comments. Glad to see you are pressing ahead with further recordings. They really bless people, Rick. Gordon

    • Rick Stier says:

      Hi Gordon,

      Sounds like fun! Wasn’t Cam in the cover on your first album: His Matchless Grace? It would be great to see him now!

      Thanks Gordon. I so much appreciate your warm thoughts and especially you’re being willing to share your professional review of my music.


  2. Duane Hempel says:

    Rick (and Gordon),

    Rick, your piano renditions are so beautiful — and so reminiscent of the music of another musician who I grew up listening to and loved, Gordon de Leon.

    As a 1973 graduate of Valley Grande Academy, I was a bit too late to have Gordon as my choir director and I never knew him personally. Yet, the memories of his piano renditions both remain with and inspire me to this day.

    Rick and Gordon, may God bless you as you continue to share your musical talents.

    Duane Hempel

    • Rick says:

      Thank you Duane,

      We share that love of Gordon’s music. I tried to soak it up while I attended Mount Pisgah Academy when Gordon was principal. Part of the reason that I still cherish my memories of Pisgah is the piano coaching from Gordon!
      With warmest regards,


      PS – Duane, I hope you’ll sign up for the PIANOLatte newsletter so you can get regular updates. All the best.

  3. winfield scott says:

    rick: not sure where or how you got my contact information, but very pleased to receive your communication. also, not sure if you remember me but we crossed paths, i recall it was in Denver, Porter Hospital. kinda lost track of you since then but have heard occasional comments regarding you and your piano prowess. seems like you were in Florida for awhile, then to California. hoping i remember correctly you married one of Lamar and Colleen’s girls. They are some of my favorite people. one thing i think i do remember correctly is that your stepfather was an executive with Ace Hardware.

    your recent experience of last September certainly caught my attention. i am sending you a similiar “seminal moment” that has made a tremendous difference in my life, hope you read it with interest as i did yours.

    would like to keep in touch.

    Winfield and Judi Scott
    10749 State Highway 76 East
    Forsyth, MO 65653
    417. 546.7986

    • Rick says:

      Hi Winfield, Yes, I do remember. Thanks for your note. I’ll look forward to your “seminal moment” as well. What is that saying; Life is tough, but God is good.” He leads us all in unique ways that focus us on what is REALLY important. Thanks for writing.

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